Expansion loan for companies

Expansion loan for companies is a working capital facility or an investment and working capital facility for entrepreneurs planning to undertake or expand their export activity. The interest rate starts at 2.87% with the repayment term of up to 15 years.

The financial resources under this instrument may be used to finance projects such as the following:

  • construction or modernisation of production, service and commercial infrastructure,
  • purchase or lease of immovable property,
  • purchase or modernisation of a production line,
  • purchase of machinery and equipment,
  • creation and implementation of new technologies for products and services,
  • purchase of means of transport, raw materials, materials and merchandise,
  • introduction of IT solutions,
  • promotion of the company, products, goods and services in the country and abroad,
  • covering day-to-day operating costs,
  • investment in human capital,
  • cooperation with commercial intermediaries,
  • acquisition of licences, patents, know-how or unpatented technical knowledge,
  • researching potential new markets,
  • drawing up documents related to expansion projects.
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