Visit of the Commercial Counsellors Club of the National Chamber of Commerce in Wielkopolska

On 17 October 2017, Hubert Zobel, President of the WRDF Management Board, and Agata Świtalska-Krych, Expansion and Development Director, participated in a meeting of the Commercial Counsellors Club of the National Chamber of Commerce in Wielkopolska, which was held at the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region. The Commercial Counsellors Club was represented by representatives from: Canada, China, Croatia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Germany, Greece, India, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Malesia, Morocco, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, the Republic of South Africa and Venezuela.

The President of the WRDF Board made a presentation about WRDF with particular emphasis on planned activities aimed at supporting SMEs through financial engineering instruments.

Later he went on to discuss WRDF’s expansion activities including: continuing activities concerning the direction of expansion and development chosen by Wielkopolska, establishing contact and cooperating with business partners on an ongoing basis, including financial intermediaries or support beneficiaries, analysing and choosing the most suitable foreign markets, analysing market development, market trends and their potential, diagnosing new areas for development of entrepreneurs from Wielkopolska, cooperating with institutions on international projects related to WFR’s activities, drawing up and publishing papers on expansion, including information brochures for investors, participating in economic missions and study visits, cooperating with business partners on an ongoing basis, seeking new business opportunities for WFR, cooperating with local authorities to promote the region and provide services to foreign business partners, building databases supporting the expansion of WFR, organising and participating in seminars and conferences for foreign business partners, building strategies for economic development of Wielkopolska and activating the so-called white spots on the map of Wielkopolska through organising training courses for the unemployed and start-ups.

The President of the Management Board and the Expansion and Development Director started cooperation with commercial counsellors in order to obtain information about the existing foreign investment agencies, science and technology parks, innovation centres, R&D parks, university research institutes, hi-tech clusters and business support institutions in the countries represented by the counsellors. At that point the following representatives declared they were interested in sharing experience and knowledge concerning the above fields: Greece – Counsellor for Commercial and Economic Contacts Nicholas Christodoulidis, Senegal – Minister Counsellor and Head of the Economic Affairs Office Diombass Diaw, France – Head of the Department of Digitisation, Industry and Services of the Regional Economic Department Ivan Potier, the Democratic Republic of the Congo – Chief Secretary for Consular, Economic and Administrative Affairs Roger Ngimbi Di Makwala, the Republic of South Africa – Commercial Counsellor Chris Botha and China – Counsellor for Commercial and Economic Affairs Liu Lijuan and Attaché Yuanzheng Xiang.

The meeting also strengthened cooperation with the National Chamber of Commerce in terms of joint economic visits aimed at assessing investment risks in selected foreign expansion areas.