Wielkopolska Region Development Fund

Wielkopolska Region Development Fund (Wielkopolski Fundusz Rozwoju sp. z o.o.) with its registered office in Poznań is a company run by the regional selfgovernment, which makes it a business environment institution, committed to acting for the benefit of the development of the region and granting financial support to SMEs. The company's objective is to carry out tasks for the benefit of the Wielkopolska Region in the area of managing financial resources, in particular from development funds paid back from financial engineering instruments under the 2007-2013 JEREMIE and 2007-2013 JESSICA initiatives. We foster entrepreneurship in the region, and the funds we offer for development and investment are an opportunity for micro, small and medium enterprises to boost their business activity, both in the country and elsewhere.

The support offered by Wielkopolska Region Development Fund is an investment vehicle aiming to achieve a coherent and sustainable development of Wielkopolska.

The support consists in offering financial products that are tailored to particular needs and the specific nature of the recipients, thereby creating conditions conducive to creating and making the most of the investment potential of the region.

The loans we offer are consistent with the following objectives:

  • removing barriers in accessing capital through the financial products offered to SMEs;
  • facilitating decision-making process in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of commercial investments;
  • enabling implementation of economic undertakings which contribute to an increase in the competitiveness of entrepreneurs in Wielkopolska;
  • supporting export, in particular: increasing export volume; introducing an existing, new or improved product/service/good to an existing or new foreign market and commencing export activity.