Meeting with the Ukrainian delegation in WRDF

On 24 October 2017, there was a meeting at WRDF with the Ukrainian delegation represented by Andrii Zhydenko, a physician, Katarzyna Lichaczowa, a representative of the medical industry, and an entrepreneur from the water treatment sector.

Jarosław Sierszchulski, Vice President of the Board, talked about the mission of WRDF, its objectives, organisational structure, main planned activities, structure of assets under management, planned use of funds from JEREMIE and JESSICA initiatives, construction of Wielkopolska Children Health Centre and its equipment and debt products for the development of SMEs at the regional level.

Agata Świtalska-Krych, Expansion and Development Director, presented expansion and development activities, showed photographs from economic visits, outlined plans for future visits in foreign countries, which will be conditional upon the interest of investors from Wielkopolska and actions within this area taken by the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Economy of the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region and the National Chamber of Commerce, as well as the planned meetings with SMEs from communes and districts in Wielkopolska interested in expanding into foreign markets, which already involved visits and creation of information brochures for investors, and in connection with activating the so-called white spots on the map of Wielkopolska through organising training courses for the unemployed and start-ups.

The representatives of the Ukrainian delegation communicated the expectations of entrepreneur from the water treatment sector, declared willingness to help in drawing up an information brochure for investors from Wielkopolska planning to export to Ukraine and invited WRDF representatives for an economic visit to Chernihiv.